Our players matter most at Zero Gaming!

At Zero Rummy, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to our players. Our primary focus is on understanding our players thoroughly to provide them with captivating and gratifying gaming experiences. This understanding not only allows us to engage our players effectively but also ensures their well-being remains a top priority.

To ensure this, we have implemented robust systems that not only allow us to gauge responsible gaming but also provide necessary interventions to guide and support our players if their behaviors become excessive.

Best practices to play Zero Rummy responsibly:

  • ZeroRummy allows only players who are 18 years or older to participate.
  • Players have the option to email us in order to set different limits, such as their Daily & Weekly Add Cash Limit.
  • Players can take a break from playing ZeroRummy using the `Self-Exclusion` option.
  • Players can read our `Responsible Play Guide` to know more about responsible gaming practices.
  • When using ZeroRummy, it is advised to play ZeroRummy in moderation and purely for entertainment purposes.
  • Allocate a dedicated budget for your ZeroRummy entertainment.
  • Avoid attempting to recoup losses while playing ZeroRummy.
  • Remember that ZeroRummy should not be utilized as an escape from problems or a means to earn money.
  • Monitor both your time spent and the money invested in ZeroRummy to ensure responsible gameplay.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between online and other leisure activities.

Consider the following points to identify Responsible Gaming practices:

  • Are you spending more money and time on ZeroRummy than you originally intended?
  • Do you find yourself trying to recoup your losses while playing on ZeroRummy ?
  • Are you sacrificing important aspects of life, such as family time, work obligations, leisure activities, or appointments, to indulge in ZeroRummy ?
  • Do thoughts about ZeroRummy consume your mind throughout the day?
  • Have you experienced conflicts or arguments with friends or family members regarding your participation on ZeroRummy ?
  • Have you resorted to dishonesty or theft to obtain funds for playing on ZeroRummy?
  • Are you struggling with debts or financial challenges due to your involvement on ZeroRummy ?
  • Has your professional life suffered negative consequences as a result of your engagement with ZeroRummy?
If you can identify with any of the aforementioned signs, we strongly encourage you to seek assistance from Game Prudence.

Game Prudence

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Game Prudence is an independent body which aims to help players, playing on skill-gaming websites, in incorporating responsible gaming habits into their lifestyles. Game Prudence is a non-judgmental platform providing you with private, confidential and free of cost psychological counselling, wherein you can identify how healthy your gaming habits are as well as receive professional guidance from experts. All Game Prudence experts are certified by iGaming Academy.

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If you believe that you are encountering any of the aforementioned challenges and consequently have not been playing ZeroRummy responsibly, or if you are aware of someone facing similar difficulties, it is crucial to seek assistance promptly. For support, please submit your request through Game Prudence, where you can register and access the necessary help.

Seek Support


With Self-Exclusion, players can temporarily restrict themselves from online gaming. If you want yourself to get excluded from ZeroRummy, you can do so by sending us an email at support@kirshgames.com with the subject line `Self-Exclusion`. Please note that this process will be effetive for 72 hours from the time of your request.